What are the best sex positions to satisfy men?

A few of the best sex positions to satisfy men have to do with both physical pleasure and are also visually exciting. Here are four of the most common ones.

Doggy style

doggy style sex position

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Seeing the woman in this position, bent over, butt up in the air, is a big turn on. Also seeing his penis disappear into the vagina while being able to massage her butt is a lot of fun.

Reverse cowgirl

reverse cowgirl position

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With the woman riding the man, facing his feet, this position has a similar view to doggy. It is actually an even better view if she leans forward more.

The angle in this position is also very pleasurable for him. If you keep a steady rhythm he may orgasm quickly. He can also rub your legs and pretty feet easily along with massaging your butt.

Missionary variation

sex positions, man on top, sitting in front, woman legs straight in air

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With the woman on her back and legs spread apart the man will kneel in front of her. Here he can rub your legs, feet and pretty much anywhere he wants.

The view is fantastic as he can see your body as well as look down and see his penis going in and out of you.

Laying flat from behind

sex position doggy, woman on stomach legs together

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A very pleasurable position when the women lays flat on her stomach and keeps her legs together while his legs go outside of hers.

This position makes the vagina tighter and feels good for him as there isn’t a lot of back and forth thrusting involved. It is more of a thrusting forward position. And with the butt as a cushion it feels great. You can also hold hands and embrace to create more of a close connection with him.

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