How to give a foot job

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My boyfriend said he would like me to give him a foot job. How do you give a foot job?


There are a few positions and techniques you can use to give a foot job.

The two most common ways to use your feet are by having his penis in between your arches and moving your feet up and down his shaft.

The other is to use your toes instead of arches, which will feel great to him because of the various changes in feeling as your toes move along his shaft.

Use a good lube when giving a foot job. I prefer using a silicone based lube like Pjur or wet platinum over water based for this because it doesn’t get as sticky and tends to last longer, but both get the job done.

Here are 4 easy positions to get you started

woman in front of man giving foot job
1. Have him lay flat on his back or you can have him lean back on some pillows. Then you sit in between his legs facing him and hold your feet together with his penis in between them.

woman sitting behind man giving foot job
2. Sit behind him, like if you were riding a motorcycle and wrap your legs around him with your feet together.

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woman on back giving foot job
3. He kneels in front of you while you lay on your back with your feet together. He can hold your feet for you to make it more comfortable for you as well. Plus his view will be fantastic.

woman laying on stomach giving foot job
4. With him standing at the edge of the bed you lay down on your stomach with your feet together hanging off the edge of the bed with your toes slightly pointed and your soles slightly facing each other. He can then slide his penis in between your feet and thrust.

pretty feet heels togetherThe picture on the left is basically how you will hold your feet for most foot jobs.

It’s a good idea to always start with light teasing to get him started.

Lightly rubbing your feet on his penis or holding his penis with your hand and then rubbing it all over your feet will help turn him on. jumbo bundle

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  1. Svetlana says:

    //இந த ப ம ய ன உய ர ஆத ரம ன ச ர யன இந த ப ம க க மட ட மல ல இந த ச ர யக ட ம பத த ன எல ல ம ம ன ச ர யன என க ற இந த நட சத த ரம ப ரபஞ சத த ன ப ல வழ வ த ய ல (ப ல வழ வ த ய ல 400ப ல ல யன நட சத த ரங கள உள ளன) ஒர ச ற த கள மட ட ம இத ம த ர பல ஆய ரம ப ல வழ வ த கள இந த ப ரபஞ சத த ல உள ளன, அத தன ப ர ய உய ர ஆத ரம ன ச ர யன ப ரபஞ சத த ல ஒன ற ம ல ல த ஒன ற க இர ப பத ந ன த த ல ந ன எனத என ற தல க கனம கணப ப ழ த ல க ண மல ப க ம .SATHIYAMAANA Vaarthaihal.Intha karutthai niniival kondaal Aaanavam, Ahangaaram, Mamadhai, Tharperumai muthaliya anaithum ahandru ADAKKAM vuruvaahum.After I read “Brief history of Time” by Hawkings, I got the same feelings.Kuzhali. Great Work. Keep it up.Regards,MM

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