Exercise Ball Sex Positions

blue exercise ball for sexDo you use an exercise ball at home during your workouts. If you do, then you can use that equipment for another type of workout.

Have fun with your partner coming up with your own positions to use with the exercise ball, but here are 3 positions to get you started.

sex on exercise ball man standing

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1. The woman will lay on the ball and the man will enter and place her feet on his shoulders. She can lean all the way back if she wants too. Be careful as she can get light-headed if she stays that way too long.

doggy style sex on exercise ball

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2. This is just doggy style performed with the woman laying with all her weight on the ball.

cowgirl on exercise ball

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3.The man will lay on the ball with only his upper back supported by the ball. the woman will then mount him and can place one hand on his chest and knee to keep herself balanced.

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One Response to “Exercise Ball Sex Positions”

  1. Wallace Rios says:

    A fitness ball adds variety to any ‘sexercise’ position. It’s easy to get stuck in a mundane “Sex Zone”, where you do the same sex position day in and day out. A fitness ball breathes new sex life into your old bed routine.

    When using a fitness ball you must keep a good technique to avoid any injury, and because the fitness ball is unstable, you are forced to use additional muscles expending many more calories. For example, if you do a standard missionary position you are neglecting many muscles due to the stable environment. Conversely, do a missionary on a fitness ball and the muscles in your abs have to work harder to keep you from falling off the ball. Your core stability muscles (those that support the spine) will too be strengthened on the ball, which means you’re less likely to suffer from back problems. This is the perfect ‘sexercise’ book for you and your partner!

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